Monday, 1 August 2011

Long-Weekend Monday

We're busier than ever now.....and the stand is humming!

Remember not to cook your Golden Sweet Corn too long - it really just needs to be heated up (for you butter lovers)'s already very tender when it's raw - have you ever tasted raw corn?  It's a lovely treat.

Our field tomatoes are almost ready!  We're currently featuring field tomatoes from Union (near Sparta).  Our peppers will also be ready in a few short weeks along with eggplant!

Garlic - Joc grows a fabulous garlic called "music" - which was just pulled this past weekend and will be appearing on our stand in a couple of days.

Watermelons are back and will be getting sweeter and sweeter as the season goes on.

Peas are now finished for this year.

Stay tuned as our crops ripen......


  1. Great blog Laura...we just might have to make the trip out!!!

  2. Hi Laura--thanks for chatting with me about your stand. I posted about G'n'G over at

    You can find it here:

    Still enjoying the amazing tomatoes we picked up at your place. The corn is all gone.