Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Golden Sweet Corn Supports SDCI's Senior Boys Athletics!

If you came by our Strathroy stand on Sunday, our last day of the season, you likely noticed that our staff had changed.......our SDCI Senior Boys Volleyball team took over running the stand that day in an effort to raise funds for new athletic wear for the team.....we are thrilled to let you all know that more than $1200 was raised and donated to the team that day! GO SAINTS!

Golden Sweet Corn End of Season 2013

What an incredible season we had! Thank you to all of you Golden Sweet Corn fans, to Farmer Tony for producing such an amazing crop, and to all of our Corn Girls who worked so hard this year get our produce up on the stands and helped you make your selection. Another great big thank you to our field crew who were out there at the crack of dawn each morning picking trailers full of corn for your enjoyment See you all at the stands next summer! In the meantime, stay safe and happy!