Monday, 26 August 2013

Tomatoes, Tomatoes and more Tomatoes.

Did you know that our Strathroy stand has been featuring our home-farm grown field tomatoes, lunchbox tomatoes, cherry and grape tomatoes for almost three weeks now? And yes, they are grown on the same farm as our lovely Golden Sweet Corn is grown! If you're planning on making salsa or tomato suce this year, we are also taking orders for roma tomatoes....just leave your name at our stand in Strathroy. Note that the tomatoes in Komoka are coming along, we're hoping they will be ready by the weekend.

Baker's Dozen Tuesday is Back

Baker's Dozen Tuesday is back at both our Komoka and Strathroy stands on Tuesday, August 27th! Our incredible Golden Sweet Corn can be enjoyed by all of you.....just a little more! Pair that with some of our incredible farm-grown produce......our Strathroy stand is currently featuring our incredible home-farm grown field tomatoes!

Sunday, 18 August 2013

We're Looking for Your Favourite Recipes for Corn and Veggies & Freezer Corn!

Golden Sweet Corn is incredible.....and it freezes incredibly well.

A few years ago, Laura and her friend Sylvia tried a taste test - blanching some of the freezer corn and freezing some of it straight off the cob.....surprisingly enough, NO DIFFERENCE! The corn taste was exactly the same and there was no discolouration at all!

 We'd like to share you favourite recipes on our please post yours here!

 The Strathroy stand is hopping! Thank you to all of our new and returning customers - did you know that our very own field tomatoes are featured? We are also taking orders for roma tomatoes for those who want to make salsa/tomato sauce.

Friday, 16 August 2013


As I write this post, Tony and the guys are out in the field picking today's Golden Sweet Corn so that we can bring you the freshest product possible.

Yes, we hand-pick our corn each and every morning for same-day sales, bringing the sweetness of the day straight to the stands for your enjoyment!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Thursday - Gearing Up for a Busy Weekend!

We get such a kick out of the "greeting committee" that is waiting for us to open our stands in the mornings! Thank you to all of you early risers who come out and greet us all with your huge smiles each morning :)

We have lots of corn and veggies and fruit ready for this coming weekend - the Golden Sweet Corn is plentiful - we will be open daily at both stands from 9am until close or just after 6pm!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Strathroy Stand Opening Time Moving to 9am!

We will be opening our Strathroy stand daily at 9am (same time as Komoka stand) from now until Labour Day!

Gooood Morning Corn Fans!

Happy Wednesday! Business as usual at both stands today - it's so nice to see so many familiar as well as new faces stopping by to pick up corn and veggies and fruit.

We should have raspberries at both stands sometime in the next week or so....Laura is really excited about this.......fresh raspberries and Greek yogurt for breakfast! Golden Sweet Corn and tomatoes for lunch......AMAZING!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Don't Forget! It's Baker's Dozen Tuesday at Both of our Stands Today

Don't miss out! Get your Golden Sweet Corn - a Baker's Dozen - WOW! Komoka stand opens at 9am....Strathroy opens at 10am! See you there!!!

Monday, 12 August 2013

Baker's Dozen Tuesday!

Come and get yours! Both our Komoka and Strathroy stands will be featuring a Baker's Dozen of our luscious Golden Sweet Corn on Tuesday! Komoka stand opens at 9am, Strathroy stand opens at 10am! See you there!


Gotta LOVE weekends in SouthWestern Ontario!  People off to BBQs, summer get togethers with friends and family........

For us, it means the stands are incredibly busy - smiling faces of returning and new customers as they share their excitement of being able to buy fresh-from-the-farm produce!

We set an all-time sales record this past Saturday......thank you all for your continued patronage!

....and again, a special thank you to all of our Corn Girls who work tirelessly every day to ensure that our luscious corn is ready for you to take home!

BTW, here's a pic from one of our local retailers - Dobrentey's Farm Produce located on Southdale near Boler Road.......they've even featured our corn on their main sign!  Thanks Dobrentey family :)!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Catering with Corn!

Our friends Vic and Marg at Appin BBQ Service & Catering will be sharing our Golden Sweet corn with clients at a large wedding they are catering next week - what an awesome addition to their amazing BBQ'd fare!

If you are looking for corn for one of your up-coming events get together with friends and family, we would be happy to put a larger order together for you.  Either pop into one of our stands and place your order, or leave a message at (519) 264-9493!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Our stands are just buzzing!!!!

Busy, busy, busy, just the way we love it!

By the way, you can now find our Golden Sweet corn at Angelo's!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Our Golden Sweet Corn Family is Growing!

A big welcome back to our friends at Dobrentey Farms on Southdale Road in Byron as well as Cornucopia on Hwy 81 between Mt-Brydges and Strathroy! We also have a new member of our family located between Fingal and St-Thomas.

 Please remember that if you are looking for farm-grown fresh veggies, our Strathroy stand is featuring more produce than ever - we have even had our very own field tomatoes, including cherry and grape tomatoes, Laura's favourite lunchbox tomatoes on the stand since last week. Added to our offering are our home-grown green and yellow beans and cabbages. We also feature locally-grown watermelons and cantelopes, garlic, potatoes, blueberries, peaches......stay tuned to see what else hits our stand as the farming season progresses! ...and of course Joc's lovely veggies are always featured at our Komoka stand!

 Oh, and one last thing! Our corn price is still $5 per dozen - same prices as the past few years! If you are worried you won't get through a full dozen, we'd be more than happy to sell you a half dozen for, you guessed it, half the price - $2.50! Happy Tuesday !

Monday, 5 August 2013

Back to Business as Usual on Tuesday!

We are happy to let you know that both our Komoka and Strathroy stands will be open tomorrow!

Regular Komoka hours:

9am - close (we aim for 6pm)
7 days per week

Regular Strathroy hours:

10am - close
Monday through Thursday

9am - close
Friday - Sunday

Hope to see you at the stand(s) this week!

Tony & Laura

Sunday, 4 August 2013


All we can say is a HUGE thanks to all of our Golden Sweet Corn fans - you folks like us so much that you've picked our patch clean.....

With the cooler nights, our next patch won't be ready for your enjoyment until Tuesday.  Our apologies, but Mother Nature just isn't cooperating !

Huge thanks to all our Corn Girls who worked their fingers to the bone this weekend!  Record Sales with high demand for the corn and the girls didn't miss a beat!  WTG Corn Girls!

Remember - Joc's veggies are available up at the barn while we're closed tomorrow.


Komoka will reopen at 9am on Tuesday
Strathroy will open at 10am on Tuesday

Our regular hours are:

Komoka - 9am - end of day (6pm-ish) daily.

Monday - Thursday - 10am until close
Friday - Sunday - 9am until close

See you soon!

Tony and Laura